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The Glawry Association Inc.
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About us

The Glawry Association is a Gold Coast based ‘Not for Profit’ registered charity founded with the sole purpose of providing support and assistance to children with Type 1 Diabetes and their families/carers.

Our background

Established in 2013, the Association takes its name from Tracey Glaw, a long time patient of Association Founding President Deb Foskett (Diabetes Nurse Educator). Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 4 years of age, Tracey commenced insulin pump therapy aged 36 and for the first time since her initial diagnosis, had what she considered “manageable” diabetes. This life changing therapy inspired Tracey and her husband to raise money for the ground breaking very first Type 1 Insulin Pump Camp on the Gold Coast.

What begun as a goal to facilitate a camp promoting awareness and educating others on the benefits of this type of insulin therapy, has transformed into an annual event allowing Type one kids and their families access to education, adventure and a strong sense of community and belonging – invaluable tools for managing the disease.

Our Committee

The Glawry Association is chaired by the founding President Deb Foskett. The Treasurer is David Eckersley CPA MPA (Type 1 parent and Director of Cambio Group), Secretary Melissa Eckersley (Type 1 parent). Fellow committee members include Angie Lewellyn and Karen Shann, both experienced Certified Diabetes Educators.

What we do

  • Annual camp for school aged children and their families/carers
  • Under 7 Family Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Donations of Technology required to support the management of Type 1 Diabetes for low income families

In the past and perhaps the future:

  • Mother Lunches
  • Grandparent/Carer Education Days and Outings
  • Teenagers Workshop
  • Information/Education Evenings

Diabetes Camp

Held annually over a weekend in March, at the beautiful Tyalgum Ridge Retreat, our Camp is specifically designed for children with Diabetes, aged between 6 and 18. Our camp is unique, in that, the children attend with their families/grandparent/carers and if room permits, some even bring a friend!

Camp is a ‘safe haven’ where the children feel that they are not alone in having Diabetes. Invaluable peer support and lifelong friendships are formed between all camp attendees. Children and parents participate together in all activities at camp (archery, crate stacking, zip line to name a few). Groups are sorted by age (of the Type 1 child) and are supported by one of our fabulous volunteer Diabetes Educators.

Our camp provides a nurturing environment for the children to learn about diabetes management, gain invaluable support, interact, and have fun!
Camp empowers each attendee with more knowledge to manage their diabetes. In the case of a 6 year old, perhaps the knowledge there are other children “just like them” dealing with the rigours of the disease. An older child or teenager may learn from their peers that they are not alone in their diabetes journey. A parent or carer may just find the relief that they are not alone in the worry that comes from maintaining control of the disease and keeping their child healthy.

Under 7 Family Events

A ‘play date’ for Babies, Toddlers and Prep Students with Type 1 Diabetes and their families/carers.
Dealing with the day-to-day management of Diabetes can take a heavy emotional toll on parents/carers. We provide a safe environment to meet, discuss, vent, or share knowledge/experience in the management of the disease thus providing an opportunity to relieve stress and access valuable support.
Having a “safe place” where parents and carers can share lived experience with each other and share a sense of belonging and understanding goes a long way toward easing the burden of this disease.

Fundraising Events

When the opportunity arises we gladly roll up the sleeves, grab the tongs and relish any opportunity to raise funds for our charity. Drop us a line at if you would like us involved in your event.


There is a substantial cost involved in the management of Type 1 diabetes. We are open to requests and proud to assist with Donations of Technology required to support the management of Type 1 Diabetes for low income families.

Requests for assistance can be emailed to Each application is assessed individually and then reviewed by the Committee. Grants are made year round.

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