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The Glawry Association is a group founded to provide support and assistance to sufferers of Type 1 Diabetes and their families.

The Association takes its name from Tracey Glaw, who many years ago became known to the Association President. Tracey was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4. Tracey commenced insulin pump therapy at the age of 36 and for the first time since her initial diagnosis, had what would be considered “manageable” diabetes. This encouraged Tracey and her husband to raise money for the very first Type 1 Insulin Pump Camp on the Gold Coast, to increase awareness and educate others of the benefits of this type of therapy.

The Glawry Association now has its key set of principles to:

  • The Foundation Committee of the Glawry Association is made up of:
    • Two leading Endocrinologists in the field of Diabetes Management and Insulin Pump Therapy;
    • Two Diabetes Educators and Registered Nurses;
    • One Insulin Pump Company Representative, herself a sufferer of Type 1 Diabetes for over 30 years;
    • Four parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Glawry aims to meet its objectives by providing a range of programs and activities to suit various groups of sufferers of Diabetes. These programs and activities consist of:
    • Camps;
    • Educational Information Evenings;
    • Toddler Morning Teas;
    • Teenage Participation Days;
    • Pump Donations;
    • Fundraising events to support the above.

Camps are specifically designed for children with Diabetes, aged between 6 and 18, dependent on the venue. In our case, they tend to focus more on children utilising Insulin Pump Therapy or considering switching to Insulin Pump Therapy, however “Needle Kids” are also encouraged to attend as the emotional, diet based and physical support is relevant to all Children with the disease, and certainly the consequences of bad management are as dangerous for both.
Camps are safe places where the children can feel that they are not alone in having Diabetes. They are staffed by Medical Practitioners, experienced in Diabetes Care. Consultant Pediatricians, Diabetes Educators, Dieticians, Counsellors, and Health Care Companies specialising in the treatment of Diabetes Care will all attend the Camp at some time over the Duration.

Camps are generally held over 2 – 3 days at Tyalgum Ridge Retreat NSW, in March Yearly. These camps provide suitable enviroment for the children to learn, interact and, as importantly, play, socialise and have fun. Camps would normally be attended by 20 – 30 children and their “pit crew” of family, friends, or carers that assist them with the day-to-day management of their diabetes. All meals, accommodation and activities are provided so that the Children and their families can focus on learning and sharing what they have come to know of this disease with others.

A successful Camp will have empowered each attendee with more knowledge to move forward. In the case of a 6 year old, perhaps the knowledge there are other children “just like them” dealing with the rigours of the disease. An older child or teenager may learn from their peers that there are ways to assimilate better, even though they must test, or enter information into their pump, or inject while others around them are doing other things. A parent or carer may just find the relief that they are not alone in the worry that comes from maintaining control of the disease and keeping their child healthy.

The Committee of Glawry has been directly involved in organising and running two Camps already. Its’ committee members have been involved as helpers or attendees at many other Camps over the years. Its’ goal is to run a Camp at a minimum of 1 every 18 months, working towards an annual Camp over time.

  • Disease addressed by this activity
    • Type 1 Diabetes;
    • Coeliac.
  • Informing the public of this activity
    • Information provided during regular Pediatrician Visits;
    • Information provided during visits with Diabetes Educators and Dieticians;
    • Information distributed via the information networks of Diabetes Australia and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF);
    • Information distributed via support networks of Children with Diabetes or their Parents.
  • Other organisations involved:
    • Pump & Consumable Companies – Roche, Medtronic, Lilly, Abbott Diabetes Care, Animas;
    • Private Medical Practitioners, Educators, Dieticians;
    • Diabetes Australia via monetary support and publishing of event information via their publications;
    • JDRF through their Communication Channels
  • Frequency of activity:
    • Once every 18 months, transitioning to an annual event.


Information evenings will be organised on an ad-hoc basis to update parents and families on new products, latest trends and any new information available.

Generally organized as a 1 – 2 hour event, they will be centred mostly around adult participation, so that information can be passed on quickly and efficiently.

Light low-cost refreshments would normally be provided

  • Disease addressed by this activity
    • Type 1 Diabetes
    • Coeliac
  • Informing the public of this activity
    • Via support networks
  • Other organisations involved:
    • Sponsor may meet costs of each event;
    • Where information evening revolves around new initiatives, Company Representatives may attend to provide the required information.
  • Frequency of activity:
    • As necessary


Much like the information evenings provided for parents, these are a more relaxed affair with Babies and Toddlers with Type 1 Diabetes in attendance for a “play date”. Dealing with the day-to-day concerns of Diabetes can take a heavy emotional strain on parents and carers. Having the opportunity to meet, discuss, vent, or whatever else is required is a fantastic opportunity to relieve stress and provide valuable support by seasoned campaigners and Medical Practitioners to assist families where possible.
Having the children in attendance gives an opportunity for parents, family members and carers to swap notes, and give the children a chance, if they are aware, to share their Diabetes experience with children the same age.
Generally a low key event that can be held in a public park, public facility, or in the past have been held in Child Care Centres or private recreational facilities. Generally reasonably low cost.

  • Disease addressed by this activity
    • Type 1 Diabetes
    • Coeliac
  • Informing the public of this activity
    • Via internal support networks and flyers in the offices of Medical Practitioners
  • Other organisations involved
    • Dependent on activity
  • Frequency of activity
    • Quarterly or at a minimum bi-annually


Another variant of the information evening and Morning Teas, these activities are designed to target teenagers and adolescents dealing with their Diabetes.

Teenagers are at a difficult time in the Control of Diabetes. Whether newly diagnosed or having had it since their early years, managing their Diabetes whilst heavily influenced by Peer Group Pressure and the influences of school, study, work, etc. all have a massive effect on the time and effort they put into managing their disease.

These activities are designed to combine the provision of information, the discussion of control alternatives, the positives and negatives of various alternatives, and discussion around the emotional effect of the disease at this time of their lives.

Usually attended by a Psychologist, Dietician, and Diabetes Educators, the aim is to provide a strong ongoing support Network of people that can help and to increase awareness that help is readily available.

  • Activities previously held have been:
    • Paintball (Fun and games and a bit of tension release – teenagers only);
    • Kids in the kitchen (Specific diet education held in a real commercial kitchen giving everyone the opportunity to discuss diet, learn servings, etc. – Open to all ages above 10, including Parents & Carers);
    • Parents and Carers and teens bowling night (Combination of the two, fun and games and an opportunity for discussion)
  • Disease addressed by this activity
    • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Informing the public of this activity
    • Via internal support network;
    • Database;
    • Flyers with Medical Practitioners and Support Groups
  • Other organisations involved:
    • Dependent on activity
  • Frequency of activity:
    • Quarterly or at least bi-annually


The Glawry Association has as some of its committee base, members who either have or are closely linked to someone with Type 1 Diabetes. Thankfully, some of us are in a position to comfortably financially provide for the health and wellbeing of our children, and the rigours and heavy financial impediment involved in caring for our children.

Other families however are not so fortunate, and it is the sad fact of Type 1 Diabetes that the inability to provide the best medical equipment and updated technology available to care for the children with the disease, infinitely increases the chances that in later life the disease could claim limbs, organs or ultimately even the life of a sufferer who has not been able to safely manage the disease.

For this reason, some of us, people we are associated with, and generous benefactors, have had the desire to provide for the up-front costs for an Insulin Pump, based on a needs and suitability assessment carried out by our various Endocrinologists and Diabetes Educators. Government assistance is provided to carers for ongoing costs, but there is no assistance for the upfront costs of up to $10,000 for the initial provision of a pump.
Where donations are received for this cause, applications are assessed and funds passed on accordingly.

  • Disease addressed by this activity
    • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Informing the public of this activity
    • Direct mail out to relevant Medical Practitioners and Selected Parents

Please do not hesitate to contact The Glawry Association, for further information.

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