Pump Starts

Type 1 diabetes can be treated by insulin injections with a syringe, pens or via an insulin pump. All these methods provide a different insulin delivery system for people who have type 1 diabetes.

I firmly believe that the best option is an insulin pump. pic_11

Insulin pumps are suitable for patients of any age, they provide a better quality of life, improved concentration, less variability of blood glucose levels with more control. Pump users can eat what they want, when they want, eat any amount of food (a healthy diet is always recommended) and manage their exercise a lot easier.

Most patients after commencing pump therapy say they have more energy and a better quality of life.

Deb, pumps are really good because you don’t have to constantly get needles everyday. So thank you so much!


One of my many services includes starting patients on insulin pumps, this includes giving you a choice of pumps and an education package to enable you to manage you pump at home.

pic_13 I have had families seek my services from Sydney, Moree, Bundagerb, Dolby and more. I manage pump start bookings through the Private Hospital system with your specialist. To commence an insulin pump start from interstate or regional Queensland we need a written letter from your local specialist confirming that they will continue to help you manage your pump once you return home.

This service has become increasingly popular due to long waiting lists with other public hospital services. As we are based on the Gold Coast most of our clients enjoy a holiday whilst starting their pump therapy.

If you are interesting in an insulin pump start with me, I will require a consenting letter from a local medical service and a seven to eight day stay in the gold coast area.

For further information or to intiate a confidential enquiry, please click here to email me.

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