My name is Debroah Foskett, I have been a registered nurse since 1978 and a Diabetes Educator since 1988. I started my first private patient on an insulin pump in 1999 and since then have moved on to work for a medical device company for which I taught smart pumping techniques to many major Australian hospitals. I have completed my masters of nursing – nurse practitioner, this means you can self refer without an enhanced primary care plan.

I currently have clinics at Southport, Ispwich, Toowoomba, Brisbane and Broadbeach. I  have extensive experience in many insulin pumps some of which include: Disetronic, H-tron, D-Tron, Roche pumps, Medtronic pumps, Deltec Cosmo, Animas Vibe, Cell Novo. I have both children and adult clients in my practice.


Through my experience, at times, I have found patients have little or no local support or expertise to help them adjust their insulin pump. Families often apply to their insulin pump the same principles as syringe or pen therapy. This will result in variable blood glucose levels. During the years I have been managing insulin pump therapy, I have been helping people successfully manage their blood glucose levels by giving them a better understanding of insulin pumps and how to set up their own pump for their unique situation.

Once better techniques are taught, my patients enjoy a more convenient way to manage their diabetes.

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