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Insulin Pump Therapy

There are so many benefits when choosing an Animas Vibe® insulin pump. Below are a few of the highlights:

It’s CGM enabled

The Animas Vibe® can now double as a continuous glucose monitor using the latest Dexcom G4® sensor technology. The G4® sensors are indicated for up to 7 days consecutive wear and just like the pump are completely waterproof. The reading is updated on the pump every 5 minutes and you can see if your glucose is stable, rising or falling at a glance.

It looks like no other pump

The Vibe® features a flat panel, high contrast, full colour screen. The pumps come in a choice of blue, green, black, silver and pink.

Fully Customisable Food Database

With the download cable included free with your pump, you can use the web based Diasend software to easily create your own food database and upload into your pumps. This means you don’t need to worry about remembering all the carbohydrate amounts in the food you eat – it’s all there at the touch of a button. The best part is you have complete control of the items in your database and only include the items you want. Diasend can also be used to download your pump information so you can view your data online and share this with your healthcare professional.

Low Basal Rate Increments

The Vibe® can deliver in increments as low as 0.025u/hr regardless of the basal rate.

Super Low Bolus Dosing

0.05u bolus increments allow you to more precisely match insulin with food intake.

Small Full Feature Pump But With Largest Screen Available

The Vibe® is so small, it’s comfortable to wear and easy to conceal. Despite its size, the Vibe features the largest screen. This allows more menu options to display and we are often told this is what makes the Vibe® the most intutive pump to learn to use. The Vibe also uses words not icons to navigate around the pump and words not codes for alarms. These featues enhance the ease of use.

Fully Waterproof

Animas pumps are proven waterproof all the way down to a depth of 3.6 metres for 24 hours. That’s all day and all night.

Superior Technical Support

Technical support is provided toll free 24/7 every day of the year. Our technical support line is answered by our highly trained dedicated Customer
Support team based in Australia.

Features Smart Pump Technology

If you choose, the pump will automatically calculate your bolus doses for you based on your personal settings and by entering blood glucose and carbohydrate amounts. You can also program extended or combo boluses for high fat meals or if you have gastropaeresis to ensure your bolus delivery matches your needs. All of the smart features are located directly on the pump. This means you don’t need to rely on a remote….if you could find it.

Audio Bolus

You can choose to safely deliver a bolus without looking at the screen.

Comprehensive History

Your history and program settings are safely stored in easy to use format regardless of how long the batteries are out for.

Infusion Set Friendly

We supply a wide choice of infusion sets to suit you however the Vibe pump is compatible with all insulin infusion sets that use standard luer™ lock connectors.

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