Skype Consultations

We often receive requests for Skype consultations and now we’re happy to report the inclusion of this new service here at Insulin Pump Angels.

Skype consultations are official consultations booked into clinic days. As a requirement prior to your consultation we require a letter from your specialist or general practitioner, these can give be emailed to us at the time of your consultation and gives us permission to adjust your insulin pump or pen doses.

If you are interested in a Skype consultation please email us after completing your payment below and we will provide you with an appointment date and the required material you need for the consultation.

Please note a Skype consultation is an out of pocket expense for Australian patients. There is no rebate from Medicare or any private health fund.

The cost of Skype consultations are as follows:

Initial Skype Consultation (approx. 1 hour)
AUD $150

Follow-up Consultation (approx 1/2 hours)
AUD $100

To book a skype consultation please contact us.

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