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Carbohydrate Food Guide 3rd Edition.

A new and exciting carbohydrate counting book for patients with diabetes, insulin pumps and those interested in healthy eating.

This book has been created following a need to provide patients with an up to date and professionally presented resource.


This full colour glossy book categorises over 500 foods into key groups. The Carbohydrate Food Guide 3rd Edition now includes an alphabetical index making finding foods easier, marks for gluten free foods and more information on insulin, pump therapy and multiple daily injections including common terminology.

The Carbohydrate Food Guide 3rd Edition will now be sold at the RRP AUD$15.00. For those interested in purchasing more than 20 books, you save 20%. A wholesale price is available on request for those requiring larger quantities.

We would like to thank our sponsors Animas and Abbott for their initial sponsorship which enable us to launch the original Carbohydrate Food Guide in early 2009.

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